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From Humble Beginnings to World Domination

It’s been called the most practical and powerful book on entrepreneurship in a generation.

  • Learn how to brand your company in a way that breaks through the noise
  • Discover the best ways to promote yourself and build long-lasting relationships with customers
  • Stop wasting time on ineffective branding methods
  • Learn how to brand like Amazon, Coca-Cola and Apple
  • Become a thought leader in your industry by using this model
  • Learn the essentials of branding and marketing to succeed
  • Make your company stand out in any industry you want
  • Stop wasting time guessing what customers want, because this book will tell you



David is a Fast Company expert blogger and the subject of numerous articles in Forbes, INC., The New York Times, ADWEEK, Huffington Post and Business Insider, David Brier is the recipient of the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion, presented to David by Shark Tank star and NY Times bestseller Daymond John.

An award-winning veteran (recipient of over 330 international industry recognitions) in branding, rebrands, design, and brand strategy, David has designed and transformed global brands, regional and local brands, and brands for startups and even cities.


Download Defying Gravity and Rising Above the Noise for the cost of 3 cappuccinos

Instead of using more words (the usual approach authors take) to amplify the 8 principles to achieving and maintaining brand elevation, I decided I’d show how these principles are used with the results of the principles.

After all, we’re in the “scan generation” of readers. People scan the written word and lose interest after 140 characters. It’s where our culture is at today trying to wrestle with the barrage of information coming at them at every angle.

Plus, I’d found over the years that people learned much faster when they were shown what something’s supposed to look like, when they were shown how it’s to be done, much more than simply adding more words to explain what’s already been written


What readers are saying

“One of the best branding minds and talents in business today…”

- Joanna Vargas, Founder Joanna Vargas Skin Care

“You don't have to have money to brand as David will show you. It's a mentality. It's actually acting like you don't have any money and forcing creativity, exercising what I call 'The Power of Broke'.”

- Daymond John, CEO of FUBU, star and investor on Shark Tank and NY Times bestselling author of "The Power of Broke

“David and I go a long way back. He helped me build an INC 500 technology company which I later sold. I was retired for 5 days and decided to start my fifth IT company: KnowBe4. David is an incredible resource for branding and marketing. In 6 years, our valuation hit the $100 million mark. The man is worth his weight in gold.”

- Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4

“David's solutions for branding will revolutionize the way you think about it. David is a branding genius.”

- Grant Cardone, World's #1 Sales Expert and NY Times best-selling author of "The 10X Rule"

“This book will blow your brand's old socks off! David knows branding. He knows people... and he knows how to skyrocket any business. Cut through the hype, stop listening to flabby advice and pack some muscle onto your brand to give it the presence, authority and influence it deserves.”

- Sam Hurley, #1 ranked Global Digital Marketing Influencer

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